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A little something about Spyder

Spyder (aka Ernie Beaudin) currently works as a computer consultant providing software, hardware and internet services. With a educational background in business administration and psychology, as well as a decade of computer, construction and management experience, he views tasks from multiple angles and 'outside the box' allowing for creative analysis and functional solutions to problems. For him, computers began as a hobby in 1983 after being introduced to the Commodore 64. His experience with computers is extensive; from the pre-PC age and writing in Basic 1.0 thru developing business accounting and employee scheduling systems to network customer support systems.

“The mix of computers, business management, construction, and psychology allows me insight that is rare in this world. If you have ever read a computer manual, you know the programmer didn't write it; often it is missing the real working explanations of how the software works. If you have used the software, you know a final user didn't have much input into its design; it just doesn't do what you think it should or operations are awkwardly structured. And if you have been trained by certain computer trainers, you probably felt like you knew nothing, perhaps learned little, or were treated like a child. These are the experiences I have encountered in both the academic and business worlds. It is important to understand your clients, customers, and the general behaviour of people in order to tailor service for a business, earthly or digital, for the needs of those people. They rely on our expertise, and we must work in their best interest, and provide them with advice and solutions that truly benefit them.”

Ernie provides a number of computer technology based and office services. Web Design is one passion that has permitted a use of both artistic and structural creativity. This interest eventually extended to graphic work, including digital photo modifications. Over two decades of computer experience allows for excellent understanding of both hardware functionality and user interations, critical components in configuring not only hardware on a system, but the important operating system, and user interface. Experience in office, residential and commercial residential construction provides a solid background to design and implement efficient and functional corporate, small and home office environments.


King (aka Dave Henderson) currently works as a freelance consultant in business logistics. He assists Spyder on an as-needed basis.