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Spyder Technologies provides a wide range of business and computer related services, from small business web development to small office/home office to corporate office and network planning. The goal of all service is to provide an efficient and economical use of technology while ensuring the greatest efficiency in form and function, and ensuring durability.

Whether you need to design a new home office, or improve space in a large coroprate office environment, through careful and thoughtful planning, the goal is to improve overall productivity through improved space usage. This concept is mirrored in virtual services such as web design and computer installation; a well organized web site will greatly improve your web usability and thus customer word of mouth recommendations and repeat visits; efficient computer workstations significantly improve user productivity, decrease risk of misplaced and lost data at the same time as improving the experience of the user.

Spyder's focus is toward individuals and small organizations seeking a web presence, technical support and organizational development, and above-average service without the above-average price.

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Comments from Clients

I just had to write and express my praise and gratitude for the service you provided me. The web site you developed for my Space Pen distribution and sales greatly assisted in the growth of my business. The layout and presentation with your valuable efforts has helped customers determine which products to carry in their retail outlets, and allows customers themselves to get detailed information which was unavailable on the manufacturer's web site.

The POS system custom designed for our on-the-road sales and marketing team was excellent, especially with the 3 week sudden notice we provided once we realized we needed such a system. You were correct that using pen and paper would not suffice for such a fast-paced sales trip, and we wish we listened to your recommendations as your foresight since has proven invaluable to us.

I will recommend your service to anyone I come across in need of assistance. Thank you.

Cathie, Fisher Space Pens (B.C.)

I would certainly like to comment on how very pleased I am with my web site you have created. The price was uncommonly reasonable, the package includes all that I required, and it is plain and easy to navigate while adopting the theme of my services.

Julianne, Just Breathe Massage

The committe and I would like to thank you for your services in developing our Medieval Studies Program website. The 'medieval' theme you created matches both the spirit of the program as well as keeping with the academic nature and purpose of the site. Your dedication to the project through its many revisions and unknowns was admirable, and we have recommended you to other programs in need of such services. Good luck in your future development endeavours, we know you will do well.

Project Coordinator, UBC

Thank you kindly for helping us setup our new home office in the basement of our new home. The wired and wireless networking and web site you developed has greatly improved our customer service ability and increased the number of customers we attract online. Our systems run far better and we are better able to keep track of orders and documents with the added security of redundant backups.

Home Business Operator, Alberta