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Spyder Technology provides a number of logistical services to businesses of all sizes. From home office design to multinational corporate research, we just may have the resources you need.



Business Research

When considering a new business venture, expansion or change to an organization, it is often critical to investigate and research options, opportunities and the feasibility of such an endeavour. At times, such research must be done without disclosing the purpose of the investigation to ensure a competitive advantage.

Spyder Technology will investigate the general feasibility of a project such as staff realignment, operational redesign, office relocation, new land acquisitions, commercial and residential construction projects, and many other avenues of research.

Spyder has worked with small family operated businesses and multi-national large corporations since 1997.


Home & Office Planning

It is unexpectedly common for architects and office planners to design the most decorative, hospitable and elegant reception areas, office spaces and workstations while neglecting to plan for the actual persons and their equipment such as computers, monitors, keyboards, chairs, printers, typewriters and more.

Often computer desks are designed without adequate ventillation, cable access, keyboard and monitor spaces. Unfortunately, many of the recipients are unaware of the issues until it is too late. When designing any physical space, two key groups are commonly ignored: first, the technical experts whom could provide critical information on placement, access and cooling requirements for equipment; second, actual users who interface with the equipment should do so in a comfortable and productive way.

Spyder will assist in new designs and renovations of office spaces. With a variety of office style experience and technical knowledge, office designs can be optimized to improve comfort and efficiency of the users as well as improve the reliability and interactivity of the technology requires in office spaces.

Organization of office space is far more than merely desks, files and equipment like computers. It is also how the organization complements the type of business, culture of the organization and office purpose such as central office vs. junior offices. Walk-in traffic, telephone or web traffic makes a significant difference to office planning.

Over time, most office spaces lose their initial organization, and develop new, sometimes crude, organizational and efficiency based functions. These may improve, or merely seem to improve operation. With time, office spaces become normalized with clutter and aged equipment, and office staff may not even be aware of the degrading conditions. Such conditions can decrease morale and productivity and at the same time negatively affect customer evaluation and first impressions of the organization as a whole.

Proper design, maintenance and innovation will go a long way to improve any working spaces.

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