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PC Configuration

Windows XP is a complicated and highly configurable operating system which most users do not properly configure for their needs. Each person and each task requires a different set of processes, and many processes are not required to be active, and some are considered security risks even by the software maker, Microsoft.

All Windows XP releases come with wireless networking service active - even if it is a desktop computer without a wireless adapter. This means your computer is always trying to find a wireless connection, even though it doesn't have the physical capability to do so. In your case, this service can be disabled. Windows XP will also, unknown to its user, scan local systems (such as cable internet services) creating a security vulnerability on your system. It is important such issues be dealt with before your system fails or is compromised.

Spyder provides excellent Windows system configuration which significantly decreases the "out of the box" vulnerabilities ignored by Microsoft while improving performance and lowering the risk of system failures and data loss. Using Spyder's approach to Windows system and file management, most clients will find an improved level of efficiency and confidence in using their systems.

Most vehicle owners realize they must change their oil, keep the tires properly inflated and prevent or repair significant damage. In the virtual world of the computers, people often are unaware of the requirements to maintain their operating systems and software. Like maintaining your vehicle, Windows will provide longer and more reliable service if basic care is maintained.

A well organized computer system, from day one, will significantly decrease the risk of software failures and down-time when problems do occur. Such optimized systems on average are repaired in one third of the average repair time, and failures occur two to three times less often that systems with common "factory" configurations.