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Digital Photography

Photo manipulation is often important for web design as well as maintaining personal photo albums. Often the photograph you have is not quite what you need: the wrong thing is there, or someone is missing from the family; perhaps the colour is off, or too much red-eye on those flash photos; panoramics just don't look right when photos are simply glued together...

Photo alterations can be simple, or complex. There are many methods and tools that can be used for any effect; Spyder attempts to use the simplest method for the maximum effect. Modification of digital photos can be an inexpensive and valuable service for many, greatly improving the value of those memories. Luckily digital information can be modified at any time, and will never lose quality unlike film. No need to rush into this service, but while you consider, take a look at the gallery.

Visit the gallery for examples of digital photo editing.


Print Publishing

Spyder provides publishing services for corporate identity, marketing and promotional materials, and general printed products like event tickets and business cards.

Visit the gallery for examples of published materials .



Icon Design

Custom icons can significantly improve the speed of identification of buttons, commands and programs. Too often Windows programs do not have appropriate icons, and unfamiliar and unrelated images for icons can be problematic.

Spyder can create icons for most applications and uses. Primarily working with Windows .ico files, and .png files, if you have a photograph, drawing or description of what you want, we may be able to assist.

Below is a selection of custom Windows icons we have created for various clients and applications.

Decker Web page 'favicon' for Decker.ca RLE Web page 'favicon' for RockLakeEstatesCalgary.com
Memory Windows 'drive' icon for company memory stick   Camera Windows 'drive' icon for Camera
ZipDisk Windows 'drive' icon for ZIP Drive   XC-Cube A-Open XC-Cube computer case Windows 'My Computer' icon
CIRA usb Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)
Promotional Red 1GB Flash Drive Icon [FREE]
  Spyder HD Windows Realistic Drive Icons
customized per drive for unique storage purposes

Icons for almost any purpose can be made. If you have a drawing, photo or even the concept, we may be able to create icons for your needs.

For CIRA members whom have received one of the free 1 gigabyte Red USB Flash Drives, we are offering to you a customized icon to install on the drive at no cost to you. Instructions are included in the ZIP file available above.