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Webdesign Portfolio: Dynamic design examples

These sites are examples of organizations that require interactivity such as universities, business with online sales or feedback and data collection systems. They use server based databases, scripting and applications to organize and display data, manipulate content and distribute as required.



Medieval Studies Program at UBC

The Medieval Studies Program had no independent web presence when this project began. The staff had a pretty good plan of what they wanted, with colours and content, but not an overall visual design. The project involved working on natural vs. abstract imagery, academic vs. casual cultural appeal and interface design. The result was a clean and appropriate design for this unique academic program.
Original & New March 2004 versions

Anthropology & Sociology Department, UBC

The ANSO department at UBC required a method to post course outlines for current courses, which were linked from an external site (Student Information System). A database system was developed to allow departmental staff to maintain an online list of course outlines, with detail for each course & section. The Student Information system provided by the university did not record section numbers, so a direct link could not exist. The system developed comensated for this shortcoming.

Ubyssey newspaper e-cards

The Ubyssey is the official student newspaper of the University of British Columbia's Student Association. During my webmaster position I developed an online electronic greeting card system to help increase traffic to the still new web version of the paper. A number of photographs and MIDI songs were compiled for this project. Written in Perl, the very simple eCard service sends notifications to recipients who visit the Ubyssey's website to view their card.
July 2001