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Webdesign Portfolio: Standard design examples

These sites are examples of small business, non-profit organizations and similar sites; a basic design web site of 5 or more pages, with a menu bar or other navigational system in place. Often the site contains custom graphics, photographs and forms.



Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy

VRRA is a Vancouver based charity in need of visual and organizational redesign. A new visual style including CSS's and menu structure was created to give a updated look and feel. Dynamic header images are randomized and display relative to window size to create a changing atmosphere.
Original & New March 2004 versions

UBC Wine Tasting Club

The Wine Tasting Club had an adequate website for their needs, yet not very well structured, and awkward to navigate. The new site was planned to create a unique themed site with easier navigation, a more visitor friendly structure and improved maintenance processes.
Original & New April 2004 versions

Paid to Surf, Canada, USA, Europe & South Pacific

This site is similar to Julie's Health site (noted above) but shows banner ads in the topmost frames. Getting paid to surf became a popular idea in 1999/2000. There were once over 300 companies worldwide, but has diminished to 20 or so. They collect revenue by selling advertising space. This advertising space exists on your screen, in email, on websites and other locations. This site explores some of the more popular and successful of these companies, rating and evaluating each. The site is organized by geographic and national areas.
January 2000 (Abandoned April 2002)

My personal merchandise "For Sale" site

One of the greatest things about the internet is the ease of placing, updating and maintaining information on it. I deal with a lot of computer equipment, and sometimes I have older items that are not worth paying to advertise in the newspaper. This website allows me to list items I have for sale, and then advertise for free online. It is quite effective in providing information to prospective buyers.
October 1999