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This is a collection of selected work prepared by Spyder. Many of these sites are currently in operation, and some are works in progress or maintained by Spyder.

Please note, all of the sites below were created prior to 2008, and many much earlier. All of the sites have been replaced with modernized, often dynamic sites.



Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association

The DMRBIA is a non-profit organization of business and property owners in Maple Ridge, BC with the mandate to take a leadership role in the revitalization of the business and economic activities within the downtown area. The website and logo were custom designed for the organization to support and reflect the diversity of its membership as well as businesses in the community.


ConvertEverything was a weekend project to see what could be done on a rainy day.

The idea was spawned when Dave needed to convert inches to centimeters reguarly during an office design project.

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy

VRRA is a Vancouver based charity in need of visual and organizational redesign. A new visual style including CSS's and menu structure was created to give a updated look and feel. Dynamic header images are randomized and display relative to window size to create a changing atmosphere.
Original & New March 2004 versions

Medieval Studies

Medieval Studies Program at UBC

The Medieval Studies Program had no independent web presence when this project began. The staff had a pretty good plan of what they wanted, with colours and content, but not an overall visual design. The project involved working on natural vs. abstract imagery, academic vs. casual cultural appeal and interface design. The result was a clean and appropriate design for this unique academic program.
Original & New March 2004 versions

Wine Tasting

UBC Wine Tasting Club

The Wine Tasting Club had an adequate website for their needs, yet not very well structured, and awkward to navigate. The new site was planned to create a unique themed site with easier navigation, a more visitor friendly structure and improved maintenance processes.
Original & New April 2004 versions

Health Society

Health and Society Program at UBC

The Health and Society Program was a new academic program created in 2004 and launched for the 2005-2006 academic year. The committee wished for a site with a visual style that was clean and simple while conveying a theme of health without a strong scientific presence.

Anth & Soci

Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation Under the Cross

Mi-PAREC is a humanitarian organization located in Burundi, Africa. With limited resources and no web presence, they were in need to develop an online information site mirrored in three languages that could easily be maintained with their limited technologies.

Anth & Soci

Anthropology & Sociology Department, UBC

The ANSO department at UBC required a method to post course outlines for current courses, which were linked from an external site (Student Information System). A database system was developed to allow departmental staff to maintain an online list of course outlines, with detail for each course & section. The Student Information system provided by the university did not record section numbers, so a direct link could not exist. The system developed comensated for this shortcoming.

Russell's Rubbish Removal

This is an excellent example of a simple, yet effective single page website (plus response form). Russells Rubbish Removal site provides general information on their services, service area and contact information for the company. Visitors interested in service may complete an online order form which is sent directly to the company.
July 2000 (original edition)


Ubyssey newspaper e-cards

The Ubyssey is the official student newspaper of the University of British Columbia's Student Association. During my webmaster position I developed an online electronic greeting card system to help increase traffic to the still new web version of the paper. A number of photographs and MIDI songs were compiled for this project. Written in Perl, the very simple eCard service sends notifications to recipients who visit the Ubyssey's website to view their card.
July 2001

Paid to Surf

Paid to Surf, Canada, USA, Europe & South Pacific

This site is similar to Julie's Health site (noted above) but shows banner ads in the topmost frames. Getting paid to surf became a popular idea in 1999/2000. There were once over 300 companies worldwide, but has diminished to 20 or so. They collect revenue by selling advertising space. This advertising space exists on your screen, in email, on websites and other locations. This site explores some of the more popular and successful of these companies, rating and evaluating each. The site is organized by geographic and national areas.
January 2000 (Abandoned April 2002)

Free Web

Free Web Access - Canada & USA

Free Internet Access is quite popular with many people. It has become one of the most used searches on the web. This site explains how Free ISP's operate, and lists various different companies that use different ways to provide free access. All sites listed are available in either or both Canada and the USA.
April 2000