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Webdesign Portfolio:  Medieval Studies, UBC

Very little information on the old page (a sub-page of another department at the time) was transferred to the new site. Much discussion among faculty and program coordinators took place resulting in a well framed plan for the site. Real photographs of vintage medieval artifacts were used and colours to best represent this era. Sub-menus on paper-like banners are used below the primary in-header horizontal menu on the few pages requiring additional levels. This was done to eliminate the need for pull-down menus or another menu bar, while keeping the content flow simple. The course listing is dynamically retrieved from a departmental database integrated with the master UBC courses and instructor databases ensuring content is always accurate.

The single page in early 2003:

The new site in September 2003 (http://medievalstudies.arts.ubc.ca):


The site was removed near the end of 2009 in favour of the new standardized university web presence. The domain was altered to medieval.arts.ubc.ca.