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Webdesign Portfolio:  Ubyssey Newspaper eCards

The Ubyssey is the official student newspaper of the University of British Columbia's Student Association. In 2000 the web version of the student paper was redesigned and launched. It was important to increase traffic and thus reading of the online paper. Part one of this task involved improving the process of updating the online system - improved speed, and decreased complexity and error liklihood. The second part involved marketing and providing maintenance free services, and thus the idea of an eCard was born.

During my webmaster position in 2001-2002, I developed this online electronic greeting card system. Selected MIDI music was used, and I took a number of photographs, at different times of the year, around the campus for this project. Written in Perl, with an HTML form front-end, this very simple eCard service sends notifications to recipients who visit the Ubyssey's website to view their card.

Example eCard