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Webdesign Portfolio:  UBC Wine Tasting Club

The wine tasting club is a student club dedicated to the enjoyable education of wine. The website was adequate for the club's needs, however a bit disorganized and the use of space was not effective. There were three issues that must be dealt with:

  • Too much white space, unused space.
  • Update information was only listed in the small box below the wine glass
  • Site navigation not prominent along the bottom of pages only.

2003-2004 Site

The new site goals included the following:

  • Implement CSS (standardized site-wide styles)
  • A consistent template for each page within the site
  • Pages which adapt to visitor browser screen size
  • A prominent and themed menu design
  • Updated site look, removing the purple curved background
  • Improve while simplifying site update process

In addition, the site was designed to work with IE 5-6, Netscape 4, 6, 7 and Opera, and on a variety of servers. This was a complicated task with the floating wine-bottle menu and layered title image. Each menu item has its own floating wine bottle menu. The top banner expands to the available browser width. Important information now sits on the base page content, and the wine glass box holds the club's mission statement, opposite the original design. This is version 1, adjustments to the banner may occur before the final version.

2004 Version 1

It was one of the more colourful and creative designs by Spyder, with a different floating wine bottle menu for each page and an automatic horizontal bar. The club was shut down years ago, and sadly the website only exists in the WaybackMachine now.