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With a few creative ideas, preparing marketing, promotional and corporate materials need not be a complicated task. Overthinking is often a problem when contemplating how to best show off your organization or self. You are not alone in these tasks, and Spyder can help.


  Rock Lake Estates 


This full colour 4x2" ad was designed for newspaper and magazine advertizing of a housing development in Calgary, Alberta. Various additional sizes and shapes of this similar design were used in different publications and locations.



These two 3D renderings of a multi-phase high-rise residential and commercial development, and a redevelopment concept for a city's downtown core were provided to a developer for their significant project in a community undergoing a revitalization project.

Printed materials alongside display imagery and animations were used. Virtual walking tours of the complex surroundings and exterior areas along with detailed information was included in the final document.

The lower image shows an community area with elevated rapid transit and a terminus station, new development in colour and existing buildings in white block.



This floor plan is used for assisting staff and visitors to be familiar with a new building, as well as form the base of the fire and emergency plans, operational services plans and helps to facilitate room assignments and room capabilities.

The document is scaleable to any size as it is based on vector data (mathematical image).



These two business cards were designed to complement the organizations they represent while keeping the information provided to a minimum without loosing critical information.

Typical landscape and less conventional portrait orientations provide different design opportunities and limitations. Vertical designs limit the width of text, which works well where taglines and sentences are not needed. Horizontal designs allow for longer text blocks and wider logos such as the one shown here.