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Spyder's Web Kit

Spyder's Web Kit is designed to give individuals and businesses a presence on the Internet. The site is to provide basic information about your self, services, products, or company. It is not meant to be an advanced site as you may have seen with major corporations or eBusinesses. Such sites may cost thousands of dollars.

My services are provided on a part time basis. I work evenings and weekends as I have time to produce well designed, well organized and professional looking web sites while keeping complexity at a minimum. This makes the visitor more comfortable as the site is easier to navigate, and not overrun with advanced web features. It allows the site to load faster for modem users. The cost to the site owner are also minimized, and should be maintainable by the site owner without an advanced understanding of HTML or web design.

See examples of web kit designs


The $120 Web Kit

Includes service:

  • 1-3 pages of primarily textual information (about 5 letter sized pages of text)
  • 1 paper image scan service (digitize photo)
  • 5 digital images supplied by you (JPG, BMP or other format)
  • Basic site design and consulting & planning
  • Graphical title image or Splash Page (like a cover page to a book)
  • Basic navigation links, buttons and graphics.
  • Submission to major worldwide search engines
  • Optional:
    • Free Hosting can be located and used on your behalf
    • Free web-based email or email forwarding may be supplied

Additional charges:

  • Typing / data entry
  • Image alteration or manipulation
  • Forms / user input functions
  • Client or Server Side scripting (Java, JavaScript, SSI etc)
  • GIF or Flash Animations
  • Mouseover/hover events
  • eCommerce (PayPal or similar)
  • Domain registration (eg yoursite.CA,  yoursite.COM)
  • Submission of site to major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Excite, etc)